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around 9:30 at one of the busiest hubs in city. the bus hit so hard it was knocked six feet forward. glass shattered the steel frame was twisted off it's mounts. the curb was also twisted. police say the bus drifted during a shift change. witnesses say the driver was in the back of the bus when it started to roll forward. at this point they are trying to sort things out and try to find what happened with the investigation. >> we want to know exactly what happened. we have mta police investigating this as well as the safety team, the operator has been taken to be tested for drugs and alcohol. we will interview that operator. we will talk to eyewitnesses and we will use whatever video we have. >> reporter: late today, after reviewing video evidence
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investigators say results indicate that this is possibly a case driver error. owens driver who has been with them for 15 year social security helping with that investigation. the mta said that of all the people taken to the hospital all were treated and released. abc 2news. >> thank you. tonight the search is on for the person behind a fire bombing in forth east baltimore. a dozen families looking for new places to live after molotov cocktails set fire to the building. today the apartments are all boarded up. flyers have been posted two police officers have been assigned to the area. administrators have brought in the experts after the find of bed bugs at carroll community college this week. we have more on the college's plan to wipe them out. >> reporter: heat treatments and specially trained dogs, the college is nipping problem in
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the bug. they come here for an education but suddenly the 11,000 students getting a course in bugs. >> we gote mailed by the dean. >> i was reading and my hair started itching. >> reporter: administrators have quash teed a class and shut count nurses building over a find. bed bugs barely visible to the nakedi. the college called in people who brought in a dog to sniff them out. >> did find them in three different locations on campus. building 209, the nursing room and two other rooms we found some indication of just -- on furniture that we moved into
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room 209. >> reporter: on friday they will return to preform a heat treatment in the room to snuff out the bugs or at least those they have been able to track down. >> who knows. i guess you have to trust them. . >> reporter: students may be able to finally put aside fears over the skin rashes, allergies and mental affects that can come with them. >> i was like that's disgusting. then when we can see the dogs and the -- it was like that's serious. >> reporter: the college opted heat over pesticides, with the student's safety in mind. it's also suppose to be more effective. administrators say they were told they can survive for up to a year without a single meal. abc 2news. >> thank you. we are working for you tonight with signs that you may have a bed bug problem. they can get into your house through the bags, clothing and used beds and couches.
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if you wake up itching in areas you weren't itching before you went to bed that's a sign of them. other science include blood stains on the sheets and pillowcases, dark or rusty spots on sheets, mattresses and walls and also a musty odor. how do you get rid of them? clean your bedding, linens, curtains and clothing in hot hot water. dry them on a hot hot setting. use a brush to scrub mattress stains, remove the bed bugs and vacuum the bed and surrounding areas and most importantly you may need to use a chemical treatment or possibly hire someone to really get rid of them. we are breaking news out of the capitol. to try to lessen the violent protests over that video the united states is sending $70,000 to arran ad featuring the president and secretary of state. the ad is set up of brief clips
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of the president and clinton rejecting the contents of the movie. a crowd of nearly 2,000 tried to reach the united states many bassy. world news will have more on this tonight at 6:30. we have breaking developments tonight on a case first found by investigators last year. a man who promised appearances by ravens players to local schools pleads guilty in court today. . he would keep cash that was paid to him to get the players. we have been following the trail and have the latest. >> reporter: joseph gill was in howard today. he pleaded guilty to one count of running a theft scheme and will pay dearly with either years for scamming five elementary schools in the county. he is also accused of scamming
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17 schools in another county and four in baltimore. in howard prosecutors say that he got $4,600 from five schools or their pta groups late last summer in the fall. he took it up front for assemblies that he claimed would have ravens players but he cash the check and then say the players couldn't maket. he said he was just a sloppy businessman and had intentions of making those things happen but his guilty plea acknowledges he was running a scam. though $4,600 is a lot he got even more from the other districts. in the plea he admits he got 1200 from baltimore and nearly 14,000 from other schools. abc 2news. >> thank you. swim across america is making waves to fight cancer and the organization has plenty of help includingo pick agent
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including olympic athletes. wyatt will be in it. >> it's year number three for me, for the entire swimming across america crew. we are proud to be a part of it. now this year and year three we will have raised over one million dollars for cancer research at the cancer institute at johns hoppings this is just a huge deal for baltimore and swim across america even an a national basisw. that in mind we are here where a lot of the training happens. we want to bring in two of the swimmer this is year, harry and brook. you guys are both swimming, brook how many years have you done it? >> three years. >> reporter: three. you were out in the bay two years ago. great. how about you? >> this is my second year. >> reporter: second year. you guys both go to the highland school right? >> yes. >> reporter: and have you raised money for the good cause? >> yep. >> all right.
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a couple hundred dollars? >> $250. >> reporter: how about you? >> i raised 500. >> reporter: wow. impressive. you still have a day for two to get a few more. what makes you two and i -- what makes you want to go out and swim a mile in the chesapeake? >> i want to help raise money and fight cancer. >> reporter: and you have a personal experience. >> yes. my grandmother died of cancer and my grandfather died of cancer. >> reporter: you will be swimming for them. and harry how about you? what makes you want to get out and swim a mile? >> well, my grandmother did die of cancer and that's one of the really big reasons why i have always wanted really help and do this swim and i have always loved to swim. that is the really big reason why i have wanted to do it. >> reporter: all right. we know there is great motivation here. are you just a little nervous about getting out in the bay? >> no. >> reporter: you did it two years ago so you are okay.
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how about you? >> i mean i'm a little nervous because i did know there is a current and it's not like used to a pool swim. yeah i think i will do well and my swim coach is going to do it with me and i think it'll be a good experience. >> reporter: all right. we will see you both out there at gibson island on sunday morning. best of luck. see you out. brook i will see you out there too. you ready? going to beat your time in. >> yeah. >> reporter: good. before we get it back, let's check that forecast for swim across america. you are probably curious. what kind of weather will be look at for sunday morning? the we are is it looks cool but not to bad. we will rain saturday night. clear by sunday morning, gibson, tip of 60, on the whole i think not so bad and once you are out swimming hard you won't notice that chill in the air. once again live here at meadowbrook in mount washington with brook and hairy. getting ready for the swim across america on sunday.
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>> we will check back with you in a bit. we celebrate tonight because the orioles are waking up after a long nap in boston today. they play another extra inning game last night in seattle, once again they came out on top this is their 15th straight win in extra innings. we are cheering them on. we have jay any and lauren, they created their own orioles cheers and we want to know which you like the best. head to the website, watch their cheers and give us a vote. coming up sharon love just walked in. she opened up about the loss of her daughter and is now going to talk to us live about her efforts to make sure nobody else has to go through that same heart break. and a young girl trying to defeat a serious brain disorder. how you can help support her. and are you booking the cheapest flight possible?
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the errors are you make that are costs you money. we have details on that and more.
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. just watch sharon and her daughter share their story about the death of yardly love. it's a story that touched us all. yardly a beautiful popular lacrosse player was killed just a few weeks -- a few weeks graduation by her boyfriend. now today she joined us live to talk about her efforts making sure another family doesn't go through the same thing. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: tell us about the foundation. >> it was first started almost -- two years ago now and it focus more on sports and working with inner city kid was lacrosse basically and as time
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went on, it -- that we would deal with domestic violence and it took us a long time to come to that conclusion but we are off running it now. >> the new field. >> yes. it's dedicated last sunday. yardly love field. it's beautiful and we hope all the kids have a ball, playing on it. >> reporter: how important is it that this message gets out? >> it's -- to me it's personally important because it's keeping yardly's memory alive. we feel like we are doing something good, since she didn't get to live her life and fill so many of her dreams, we hope to do so much good in her name. >> you talk about the stars and you hear about them in the news and dabloids. why do you think this effort is important for every day people? young women. >> reporter: it affects
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everybody. one in three people will be abused, one in three girl also be abused in their life and it's -- you think it's a stat but you don't -- it opportunities doesn't hit home -- when they were picking jurors one out of three of the juror has been touched in some way by domestic violence and that really brought it home to me more physically sitting there, seeing all of these people that had been touched that way and so, we hope to combat it and hope to change attitudes about domestic violence. . >> reporter: one ever wait of the ways is the powerful ps a's. let's look at it. it'll hit you. >> friends. >> with who? >> ♪ [ music ]
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. one in three women are victims of relationship violence and -- the one love foundation created a revolution are you app that make itself impossible to ignore relationship violence. based on research this app helps victims, friends and family make assessment and determine what to do. its anonymous, free and can save lives. >> be one for change. join one love. >> i got chills the first time i saw it. i know that has to hit home. >> it does. it does. it's hard to watch but it's -- i know it'll do so much good
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for other people that come along and see this and will be proactive rather than wait to long and have something terrible happen to them. >> reporter: you are trying to rasp everybody. >> we are trying to reach everybody. we are -- everybody -- the whole circle of people. the abuser, the victim, the friends and. families involved. everybody. >> reporter: thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: lot more information on the website. we have the whole psa on the website. we have posted a link to the one love foundation where you will be able to learn more about the cause and can down load the app and join the one love foundation. sharon thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much. i appreciate being here >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's get into the weather forecast. beautiful afternoon across much of baltimore. most spots seeing temperatures in to the 70s.
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here is the current stat at 5:00. 70 degrees downtown. not bad humidity. that dew point at 50 degrees. the wins will switch around more toward the south as we head into -- into tomorrow afternoon that. will warm the temperatures up. 71 in ght now in dc. that's going to be the deal. 07's into the 50s. there is the wind direction. a cool wind. seven mile an hour right now. that's not a bad wind speed. terms of your dew point values, running around 50 degrees. that's a dry air mass. here is the planner through the course of the evening. 67 degrees. we will be down to around 59 and a pair of 5's to start the morning. temperatures will start to rise with a good amount of sun developing. take a look at satellite. to you clouds at the present hour. i think these clouds come into play tomorrow afternoon and
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then we will watch a strong storm system. look at this low over hudson bay. that's going to bring in the chance of source, maybe a gutsy thunderstorm before things start to turn more on the chilly side into next week. look at minute list. 64 degrees, 70 chicago. this is the cool air that will stay on top. true heat down to the south and west. 104, down in phoenix this afternoon. high pressure on top of us right now that. will keep us high and dry in the next 24 hours but as that starts to retreat we will get into more of a warming trend. that will bump 7 the temperatures tomorrow afternoon into the 80's. here comes the cold front t to the west. this will starred to move into the areas, bringing the chance of maybe severe weather. lower 50s north and west of 70 and into tomorrow afternoon sun will get us into the upper 70s, close to 80 and not as warm of
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a night friday night into saturday before we see the temperatures back to around 80 to 82 degrees. the forecast for font still chilly. mostly clear, comfortable. 53, 81 for tomorrow. that's the two degree guarantee but that's achieved in the united states city limits. still mildler afternoon. looks like this storm chance increased for 75 degrees. a breezy afternoon and will stay cool going into next week. >> thank you. >> three people barely avoid being hit when a police cruiser comes toward them. we will tell you how a minor car accident almost turned deadly. she has become a youtube sensation. the random girl caught singing in the grocery store.
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. a police cruiser comes toward the scene of the crash and three people barely avoid getting hit. video from a texas officer's dash camera, police respond to a accident when it slammed in to a cruiser. the vehicle went out of control toward two officers and a bystander. they got out just in time. police say the man who hit apparently had been speeding and he was also under the influence. a police cruiser comes toward the scene of a crash and -- this is the wrong video. this is the story about the traffic reporter who was covering a story and one of their -- cameras caught the crash on air. bob kelley is showing a live traffic camera and the accident happened.
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the passing car went into a disabled car. unclear yacht driver wasn't able to get out of the way to avoid the accident. one person was seriously hurt in a crash that left a dump truck dangling from agriculture overpass. the truck smashed in to a overpass. a woman driving a mini van and hit the box on the road. the injuries are described as life threatening. investigators still trying to figure out why the -- the trucker was driving the box up. >> she is being called the random girl on the internet with the youtube video of a girl singing in a grocery store. the girl does a rendition of i will always love you. the video has captured more than -- there she goes. she is hitting. one and a half million views, ryan tracked her down. she is from the philippines and signed with the warner music
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group recently. possibly another justin bieber there. coming up a man that was awarded more than seven million dollars in a lawsuit. all over popcorn. why it caused him to get sick. and a fun day -- frightening ordeal for a rider stuck hundreds of feet in the air. . >> and wyatt here at meadowbrook in mount washington. gearing up for the third baltimore swim across gibson island. we will have a live report coming up at five. . and you will like tomorrow. there is trouble brewing a big storm over southern canada.
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. let's get you up to date on some of the top stories. seven people hurt with a driverless bus hit

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